Slippers on a Mission

We believe every woman deserves the freedom to embrace her wild hearts, break boundaries, and live an empowered, adventurous life.

(Cool…but what does that have to do with slippers?)

Safe work with fair wages helps women gain autonomy.

The UN recognizes closing the employment gender gap as key to achieving gender equality and ending poverty. Our slippers are made by hand by women in Nepal, a developing country in dire need of jobs and industry. Roughly 90% of the women employed making slippers previously had no previous paid work

We donate 10% of profits to empower the next generation of girls

Investing in girls triggers a ripple effect that benefits their children, their communities, and even the economy. It’s called the “Girl Effect”, and it’s why we reinvest 10% of profits into girls empowerment projects. As the saying goes, “If you educate a woman, you educate a whole family”.


It all started in Kathmandu… 

  • October 2018: Went to Nepal to trek in Langtang National Park with my friend Lena and her friend Sajana, who are the founder and president of a nonprofit in Nepal called Girls Empowered by Travel.
  • May 2019: Returned to Nepal to volunteer with Girls Empowered by Travel. Ended up visiting Sajana’s family’s slipper workshop. Bought a few pairs for friends and family.
  • June 2019: Returned home to Portland, Oregon. Started wearing my new slippers every day.
  • July/August/September 2019: Became inseparable from my slippers. Started taking them camping. Stopped having constantly cold toes.
  • October 2019: Hatched a plan. Called Sajana. Ordered a small batch of slippers. Launched a website. Pledged to donate 10% to girls empowerment. Designed hangtags. Deeply studied the Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939. Hustled hard. Held my breath. (It was a busy month.)
  • November 2019: First slipper shipment arrived! Let out a big sigh of relief when customers reported loving their slippers as much as I did.
  • December 2019: Made the first donation of profits, to Girls Empowered by Travel and Girls Inc.