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We source beautiful, handmade products from female makers around the world — so you can curate a life where every possession has a story, a face, and a purpose.

Shop Slippers

Shop Slippers

Our cozy, wool felted slippers are handmade in Nepal from all natural... 

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Shop Clogs

Low-back clogs are easy to slip on and off. They're perfect for your morning... 

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Shop Booties

A hug for your feet! These high-back bootie slippers are perfect for all-day... 

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100% wool for all day comfort

Treat your feet to house shoes that keep tootsies warm and dry the whole day long.

  • female artisan in a surgical mask stitching a leather sole onto a wool felt slipper

    Fair Wages & Safe Work

    We work directly with a small groups of makers, and pay a premium to ensure workers receive fair wages.

  • hands of a female artisan working with raw grey wool

    Responsibly-Sourced Materials

    We seek out products made from natural, biodegradable materials — and crafted with the highest quality, so they're built to last.

  • young women on the top of a mountain standing side by side looking out across a sweeping valley view with their arms outstretched overhead

    Every Purchase Empowers Women

    In addition to supporting fair wages for female makers, we donate 10% of profits to girls empowerment nonprofits.

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Meet the makers

  • “Finally, I’ve found the perfect house shoes! These slippers are everything I’d hoped they would be. I work from home on wood floors all day so I live and work in house shoes.”

    — Elise

  • “I love these slippers! I have bought 4 pairs of them now. One for myself, my partner, and both of my parents. They are so warm and comfortable! You will not be disappointed.”

    — Shane

  • “These slippers are awesome! They are insanely comfy, super warm (and my toes are otherwise ALWAYS cold), and I love knowing that with my purchase I supported two small businesses and women’s equality nonprofits.”

    — Loren