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10% of profits are donated to grassroots initiatives that support gender equality




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Global Fund for Women

Less than half of 1% of foundation grants are dedicated to women’s rights. GFW set out to change that. They fund grassroots organizations and initiatives working for gender justice.

six girls in traditional Nepali dress express NamasteGirls Empowered by Travel

GET creates opportunities for adolescent girls in Nepal to develop the leadership and personal development skills they need to break gender stereotypes and cultural barriers imposed by a patriarchal society

Supporting safe work, fair wages, and female makers

For women around the world, income can mean security, respect, and the autonomy to live life on their own terms. (In fact, the UN says closing the employment gender gap is a key step to achieving gender equality.) Every product sold on our site is hand-crafted with care and purchased directly from the makers or small collectives to ensure the maker keeps a maximum profitWe’re proud support fair wages and safe work for female makers around the world.

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