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Didi Wool Slipper Clog in Ash

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These cozy, handmade wool slippers keep your toes warm and dry (but never too hot), thanks to the magic of felted wool. The low back design is easy to slip on, but features just enough of a lip to stay put. Perfect for slipping into something more comfortable between errands and outings, protecting feet from cold tile or hardwood floors, or simply lounging in style. These are the cute, shorter version of our trusty Didi bootie.

*Note: Suede sole color may vary in shade from tan to brown. 

Seriously comfortable slippers.

Wool is a magical material. It’s warm, yet breathable. Moisture-wicking, yet resistant to stains and odor. Durable and rugged, yet super cozy. It’s no wonder people all over the globe have depended on wool products to stay warm, dry — and lookin’ good — for centuries. Synthetic slippers get too hot, leather slippers don’t breathe, socks trap moisture and provide little protection. Our wool felted slippers do none of that. Your feet will never be too hot or too cold. Clammy, sweaty feet are a thing of the past.

Sustainable style

Cheap, conventional and synthetic slippers come at a big cost to the environment. They wear out, rip, and get stinky or stained. And all those plastic soles and synthetic materials add more plastic to our oceans and landfills. There is a better way. Every pair of our slippers are constructed from 100% natural materials: wool, thread, suede, and plant-based glue. More importantly, they’re built to last. Our slippers are odor and stain resistant, machine washable, timelessly styled, and six times more durable than cotton.


    • 100% wool hand-felted upper
    • Stitched suede leather sole with inner wool cushion for added comfort
    • All-natural materials: fair trade certified wool, suede sole, natural rubber glue

    Care information

    To freshen up: Vacuum to remove debris. Spot clean by hand with water as needed. Do not scrub.

    To deep clean: machine wash on cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Reshape around your foot while still wet, then remove and let air dry.

    female artisan in a surgical mask stitching a leather sole onto a wool felt slipper

    Every pair empowers women

    For women in Nepal, income can mean security, respect, and the autonomy to live life on their own terms. We’re proud to work with a small, family owned workshop in Nepal that supports fair wages and safe work for the women who make these slippers. Plus, 10% of our profits are donated to empower the next generation of girls.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ann P.

    Didi Wool Slipper Clog in Peacock

    Excellent Customer Service

    I placed an order online and accidentally entered the wrong shipping address I reached out and Kat was able to help me right away. They corrected my error and delivered the gift by Christmas!! The size needed exchanging (again my error) and they helped the receiver of my gift find the correct size. Nothing but good things to say about this customer service.

    Cozy slippers

    I just purchased my wool slippers and they fit perfectly and are super comfy. It's hard to get motivated in the cold to take them off and put on shoes to leave the house!

    Love the slippers and the social impact

    I received wool slippers from Wild Hearts in late 2020, and I wear them daily whenever I'm in cooler weather. I purchased this pair for my mother, and she absolutely loves them. Thank you Wild Hearts!


    So comfortable! I absolutely love impactful shopping and find it so important that brands make this easy and transparent for shoppers.